The all-new Acadia, Holden's first GMC vehicle is almost here!

When the all-new Acadia SUV launches later this year it will be the first time Holden has offered a GMC-based product in its line-up and a further sign Holden is committed to choosing the very best vehicles from General Motors’ (GM) world-class global product portfolio.

A stand-out brand from the GM stable exuding quality and a premium approach, GMC is instantly recognizable and comes with a reputation second to none. Among the many awards to come GMC’s way, it recently won Kelley Blue Book’s 2017 Brand Image Award for Most Refined Brand today*. It’s the fourth year in a row GMC has earned the award, as it continues to earn praise for its premium vehicles.

But it’s GMC’s premium SUV, Acadia, where Holden is focused.

Acadia boasts all the American presence and swagger you’d expect from a large SUV developed by GMC but, importantly, has had Holden input from early on. More than a high-tech, seven-seat SUV, Acadia represents another partnership opportunity, emphasising the close links between Holden and its parent company.

Holden has already leveraged its strong relationship with its parent, GM, having announced a $16 million investment in the Lang Lang Proving Ground facilities, a further $150 million in dealership upgrades and, just last week, the hiring of 150 new engineers to focus on Advanced Vehicle Development.

Acadia is the just the latest benefit Holden is reaping as being a part of GM, however it’s not all one-way traffic as Holden continues to have significant influence in North America. In addition to Advanced Vehicle Design, Holden continues to support its North American parent with engineering programs spanning emissions testing and multi-brand powertrain calibration.

There’s also GM Design, with the Australian team collaborating with North American and other global counterparts, to propel GM design into the next chapter; winning multiple awards along the way, in the case of Buick Avenir.

“New Zealanders, as with customers around the world, are choosing to drive more SUVs every year. Attracted by the size and space, ride height and the extensive list of comfort, safety and technology features, SUVs are a reflection of people’s lifestyles,” said Marc Warr, National Marketing Manager.

“Nobody does SUVs better than General Motors and GMC. Acadia ticks all the boxes and more. It’s proved very popular here in the US and will be a perfect fit in New Zealand, too. It has a premium feel, outstanding quality, a strong road presence, plenty of cutting-edge technology and enough room for seven adults. It’s a fantastic all-rounder.”

While Acadia is unashamedly American in its design, its performance and driving persona has that signature Holden feel thanks to local engineering input. Using lessons learned from recent Commodore and Colorado programs, Holden engineers have focused on delivering the direct steering and composed ride that resonates with Kiwis.

Adding to early local engineering work, Holden is also putting vehicles through real-world testing up until launch later this year. Using a fleet of 14 vehicles to accumulate a share of 1.5 million testing kilometres, Holden is ensuring Acadia passes the family test and can handle everyday life with ease.

Acadia is set to go on-sale at Holden dealerships across the country in Q4, 2018.